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2009-07-18 13:14:05 by pwnaDude

I made this account a while back and i love this website! I don't know about all of you reading this right now though, but i love it a lot. It has so much material and definitely has everything posted by everyone. I try to lvl up my account as much as posable and i am on this website every day. So feel free to respond to any of my posts on here. I don't make any flash material for the website though. I know how because i have taken a class on how to do it but i don't have the programs on my computer. Please let me know if you know any good programs for animation for a PC.


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2009-07-18 14:58:53

I actually do. Most people don't realize it, but, there are alternatives to adobe flash. PM me for a link to Anime Studio. U can only make movies with it though. And im not sure how legal the link is...


2009-07-18 15:02:40

also, in case you're wondering. there have been some quality flash made from it on newgrounds.

pwnaDude responds:

Okay thanks a lot. I will look into it.


2010-11-05 16:11:47