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2009-07-25 03:40:22 by pwnaDude

Feel free to speak your mind here. I want to hear what you have to say so that hopefully i can collaborate all of your ideas into one big great awesome game!!


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2009-07-25 04:00:40

can you check out my art and reccomend it

(Updated ) pwnaDude responds:

Sure thing, any time. Do you think that you could possibly do some art for the game?


2009-07-25 14:33:06

things that are almost easy to kill,but many of them

pwnaDude responds:

Okay so would you like it if there was enemy waves coming at you, or if i made it so that there were just many coming at random times?


2009-07-30 13:34:50

Well prepare to read a shit load of stuff: *cough* *cough*

1) Be able to run your own gang/side or be able to interact with people on your side or just things.

2) Customization of any type.

3) MEDALS!!!!!! LOTS OF EM!!!

4) Lots of weapons as well either ur can unlock them or buy em.

5) Easy to learn combo moves..

6) Comic Style game

7) Kick Ass Music

8) Why are you still reading make the FUCKING GAME!!!!!

haha ok? XD

pwnaDude responds:

lol okay thanks. With all of the input that i've gotten so far it will take me a while to make the game. If i can, the game may come out in 3-4 months. It will make the front page definitely!


2009-07-30 22:21:49

ive actually stopped using anime studio. you cant upload to NG which defeats the purpose for me. Also, i would be verry careful about keeping it after 30 days, after then, who knows what will happen. If you decide to keep it though, its entirely your descicion.

I use liveswif now. check it out. 100% free and legal lol.

also, ill check out your stuff.

pwnaDude responds:

Okay thanks. I'm trying to get some co-producers to work with me on the game. This game is going to me awesome!


2009-07-31 11:06:19

id like to help.

what's it about? I can help design characters.

pwnaDude responds:

okay. Well i'm still getting input on it from all of you out there. Take a look at the response that CKC2009 gave me. That should give you some more info on it. The game is going to be a fighting game where enemies come at you. Just a fighting game basically.


2009-07-31 17:55:18

cool. a beat em up.

If youy still need art, pm me. Im lonely :(


2009-08-02 08:57:04

cupplah things
1. player is a human and he/she has a knife move the arms with the mouse and click to make a jab longer click deeper stab and their faces could be like ARH OMG!!!!
2.i draws anime so yu could make a anime bonus lv
3.could ya recomend my art?
4.yu could have in game achievements and such

pwnaDude responds:

Sure thing! Thanks a lot for the input! ill try to collaborate all of that. And i will recommend your art for sure!


2009-08-04 16:38:47

I shit my pants.

pwnaDude responds:

WTF. lol what are you talking about?


2009-08-12 07:25:52

!.i draw angels -Angel-132966072 as well
so there could be a Bonus level Called Heaven i post most of my art on dA theres more anime there
!!.medels, achievments, secret levels items enimies bosses, unlockables concept art making of special movies upgrades combos
!!! like yu coplete a level and a journal entry apperes saying deaths kills points money general statistics and such